The Sin Hunter


Uses either a single or twin Lightning Lost Sinner's Swords to absolutely devastating effect. Total damage in this build is bonkers. Retains reasonably tough defenses and enough maneuverability to avoid most things.


Starting Class Knight
Level 175
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 20
Attunement 20
Strength 40
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 3
Faith 50


Lightning [[Lost Sinner's Sword]]+5 x1 or x2;
Lightning [[Dragon Chime]]+5;
Lightning [[Bow of Want]]+5;
[[Defender's Shield]]+5 *;
Fire [[Vessel Shield]]+10 *;


[[Saint's Hood]]+5;
[[Llewellyn Armor]]+5;
[[Engraved Gauntlets]]+5;
[[Sanctum Knight Leggings]]+5;
[[Third Dragon Ring]];
[[Lightning Clutch Ring]];
[[Ring of Blades]]+1 or +2;
[[Chloranthy Ring]]+1 or +2;


[[Sunlight Blade]] x2 (REQUIRED);
[[Great Magic Barrier]]x2 (changeable);
Most miracles can serve a useful purpose. Change out the [[Great Magic Barrier]] as necessary, but [[Sunlight Blade]] is REQUIRED.


While much of this build is obviously post NG+, but you can get the ball rolling much earlier than expected by picking up an early [[Lost Sinner's Sword]] and imbuing it with Lightning A.S.A.P.

Almost all the gear can be exchanged as you see fit, with some exceptions: [[Lost Sinner's Sword]], [[Dragon Chime]], [[Saint's Hood]], [[Third Dragon Ring]], and [[Sunlight Blade]] are the NECESSARY things. The [[Royal Soldier's Ring]] can be used in lieu of the [[Third Dragon Ring]] until you get it.

Join the [[Heirs of the Sun]] covenant A.S.A.P. in order to farm one of the necessary [[Sunlight Blade]] spells.

In order to truly utilize this build to it's fullest, you *MUST* absolve whatever sins you have, and DO NOT gain any more. The [[Lost Sinner's Sword]] has additional AR scaling based on how little you've sinned, and is at maximum potency on a completely sinless character.

This ALSO means that you CANNOT be an invader with this build. As such, I recommend the [[Heirs of the Sun]], the [[Dragon Remnants]], or the [[Blue Sentinels]] (best choice) as your covenant. Think of this build as a super hero - with great power comes great responsibility, and you'll want to spend your time helping people rather than grief-ing them.

*: Only equip the shields when using a single [[Lost Sinner's Sword]]. While in this build you will have the [[Vessel Shield]] on your back while you 2h the sword ~90% of the time. Either the [[Defender's Shield]] or the [[Old Knight's Shield]] work as a blocking tool if necessary. Remember that blocking an attack is your plan B; plan A is to avoid it altogether. For maximum carnage, pick up that second [[Lost Sinner's Sword]] as soon as you can.


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