Op Mage


This build can be done easily, requires no skill to use. It is the ultimate scumbag build as i can K.O many bosses in one hit and destroy players online.
I put my stats down, I recommend my build in the 185 - 220 SL range


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 185 - 220
Vigor 40
Endurance 20
Vitality 15
Attunement 50
Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 28
Intelligence 72
Faith 6


I reccomend using moonlight greatsword, great damage even post nerf. Play unlocked with sprinting and rolling attacks. Also brilliant weapon for parry bates and is really good at clipping rolls. DO NOT INFUSE MOONLIGHT GREATSWORD.


Moonlight greatsword +5, magic staff of wisdom +5, drangleic shield +5, hunters blackbow +5, hexers hood +5, lion Mage set +10


Crystal homing soulmass, soul shower, soul spear 2x, soul greatsword, soul flash, great heavy soul arrow, heavy homing soul arrow, focus souls. These are spells I normally ALWAYS USE. You can edit them.


Main combo's include crystal homing soulmass - soul shower - soul spear. Pve spells you must have are soul geyser( ultimate boss killer ), yearn and soul vortex.


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