OP Full Sorcerer


Lets see… no one on this builds guide shows how to make a full powerfull Sorcerer, only Hexers users and Miracles uses, infused with Melee. But now here i am, showing a way to make a Sorcerer capable of kill every enemy on your way.

Works on normal Game really great


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level it Really Doesnt Matter, but be sure to get the high levels to get more points
Vigor 5
Endurance 20
Vitality 10
Attunement 75
Strength 3
Dexterity 7
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 99
Faith 4


Early Game (util Dragon's Shrine):

Right Hand: Sorcerer's Staff x2 Any + (i use 3 to no need to always go back to a bonfire while walking into a Area of boss fight

Left Hand: Binoculos on 2nd slot ( to switch quickly e kill a enemy if your scrolls runs out

Late Game (After Dragon's Shrine):

Right Hand: Staff of Wisdom +5 Magic infused , 1 Sorcerer's Staff +10 Magic infused, Any other Staff with magic infused (Staff of Amana works great)

Left Hand: Binoculos on 2nd Slot


Before Free Straid:

Starting Set of Sorcerer ( Make changes the way you like)

After Free Straid and before Shaded Woods:

Black Set ( Make 4 trades with him with the Najka's and Ruin Sentinel's Soul and another 2 to take his set)

After Shaded Woods:

Black Hood ( if you like, use the desert Sorcerer hood to have more int)

Lion Mage Set ( I like the black set, but to have quick spells to kill fast the enemys, this set makes everything goes great)


Chloranthy Ring +1 ( +2 if possible)
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1( +2 to farming, and only to farming. On boss battle, take it out)
King's Ring ( open the doors to the end game and to the farming zone)
Ring of Knowledge ( the more int points, the more damage you deal)
Ring of Life protection ( all the 3 and the soul protection too, to always been human after the death, it helps me alot on Giant's Lord firsts 20 encounters)
Southern Ritual Band +2 ( for those who are having a big running away because have low scrolls slots and the sorceres goes empty fast)
Stone Ring ( Helps alot in all the game way, just put them on and see the enemys having the guard down easily)
Third Dragon Ring (A great Substitute to Life Ring +1 and +2, makes the stamina really high. So, high stamina iguals to more magics on use and still have a chance to roll out )


You will be a full Sorcerer, so all the sorceres will be a great help to you. But keep that in mind that the damaging scrolls comes first.


How to distribute the points:

Int > Att > Adap > End

Endurance and Adaptability will easily get out the way as soon as they get to the values on the grade this build has.

From there on, use only to up att an int , the order is up to you to decide ( look out for the stats, some SL will only make que SL higher will no stats alteration. On this, try switchng to Vitality, extra points in Defence works great)

On the beginning keep 4 bosses souls to have the black set of straid

Be careful on the Lion Clan at the Shaded Woods, they wont be staggered and magics will do very low damage. Try using some throwing knifes to have a chance to fight back

Keep the max load equip under 40%, it makes the roll more effectively and gives more area to regen stamina

For this build to works, do not put any points on Vigor until all the stats are 99, because lower HP makes the lifegem more useful, and since it can be buy infinite quantity of those on the market at the majula

The easiest way to go with this build is:

Either Way to go to Lost Bastille is fine, the go to Iron keep, do not go to Najka yet, after finishing the old iron king, go to Tseldora's place and finish all the things there, then go to Black Gulch and finish of the Rotten (remember to kill the two giants there two), from here on, is up to you .

Do not buy the cat's ring, if you have go througn the iron keep, the merchant there sells a spell that makes the job of no damage on falling alot better


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