Deadly and Demonic Dragon-slaying Doom Dealer of Demise, Darkness and Death


Heavy armoured tank with pyromancies that regenerate automatically so your weapon is always on fire and you can heal whenever you want with warmth
He can also look quite intimidating at times, like he wants to rip your arms off.


Starting Class Warrior
Level >150
Vigor 50
Endurance 50
Vitality 30
Attunement 10 to 20
Strength 40
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 5
Faith 5


Any of these weapons will do:
-Drakekeepers Longsword, good for pvp, it can be hard to get, but if you do, infuse it with fire
-Grand Lance, good for pvp, infuse it
-Zweihander, too slow for pvp, good for pve, I recommend you infuse it
-Murakamo, can work sometimes in pvp, does decent damage when infused
-Gyrm Greathammer, too slow for pvp, don't infuse
-Mastodon Halberd, it's ok for pvp if you fish for backstabs, don't infuse it.

Ranged weapons:
-Dragonslayers Greatbow
-Twin-headed Greatbow

For shields:
-Greatshield of glory
-Drakekeepers Greatshield
both have similar stats so use either


-Old Iron King Crown- You'll need this so that your spells keep regenerating

-Heavy Set: Drakekeepers armour set
-Alternative light armour set: Llewellyn
You don't have to wear those two armour sets, those are just what I wear.
As long as you don't wear havels or jesters armour you should still look bad-ass.


-Flame Weapon
These two are quite important, the rest can be damage spells such as flame swathe, forbidden sun, chaos storm, fire snake etc.


Avoid magic, or use the magic rings, like dispelling and quartz rings.
Some good shields to deal with magic are:
-Dark Transgressors shield
-Lightning watcher's shield
-Magic magic Shield


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