New game pyro build


Amazing pyro build that will last


Starting Class Explorer
Level N/A
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 10
Attunement 50
Strength 10
Dexterity 9
Adaptability 25
Intelligence 23
Faith 23


RH1: Pyromancy Glove +10
RH2: Fire Longsword +10
LH1: Target Shield +10/Vessel Shield


Black Hood
Lion Mage Set +10
Ring of Prayer/Chloranthy Ring +1
Ring of Knowledge/Simpleton's Ring
King's ring/Strength Ring/Dexterity Ring
Southern Ritual Band +1/Clear Bluestone Ring +1


1) Chaos Storm
2) Flame Swathe
3) Flame Swathe
4) Flame Weapon
5) Flash Sweat
6) Outcry
7) Poison/Toxic Mist
8)Dance of Fire
9) Warmth
10) Acid Surge


Soul level not included because it depends on what you want with the build. I wanted a game build but I think Southern Ritual Band +1 and spells 9+10 are for PvP. I have pumped adaptability and from time to time put on Simpleton's Ring so I can roll amazing but if you want to tank AND USE BETTER WEAPONSthen by all means put on DEX Ring and Strength Ring and pump VIT.
King's Ring is for added Fire BNS and Knowldege and Prayer for extra INT and FTH as 60 of them combined is the soft spot. You can infuse any weapon you like with fire but Fire Longsword is easy to get and amazing at even +1. I chose small shield because I didn't want to pump VIT. If you want more ring slots just pump INT and FTH instead of using rings though it's probably more expensive. Black Hood +2 both INT and FTH and Lion Mage Set increases casting speed. You could use hexer hood and sunset staff and a few hexes if you wish as you have 20 INT base (no adds) and 20 FTH base so he will give you his stuff. Chloranthy Ring +1 is more of ADP focused build but have plenty of green blossoms and also a hell load of herbs. Start with a Bomfire Ascetic and use it on The Lost Sinner so you can get The Old Witch Soul and trade with Straid (LOL rhyme) for Flame Weapon which is totally worth it. If you do not have the DLCs, specifically The Crown of the Old Iron King, then you will probably just have to get more Flame Swathe as it is your bread and butter. You may want to use Lightning Spear a bit as well as, let's face it, lighting IS THE BEST infusion or attribute or whatever in the game and fire won't do anything against the looking glass knight. You can use the protective chime (not with base though!) so don't take of hood as it's all you need to use it. If you use the Dark Pyro Glove then +10 it, USE RING OF BINDING, and get a hell load of VGR. Overall a fun build to play with and remember just get a Fragrant Branch of Yore and use it near Shaded Ruins Bonfire. You WILL get Lion Mage Set and another, guess what?, a Fragrant Branch of Yore so worry not.


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