Mystic Archer


Fire off magic arrows using magic infused bows or dragon rider bow and using magics to keep enemies at range for sniping fun


Starting Class Deprived
Level 150
Vigor 20+
Endurance 20+
Vitality 6-
Attunement 20-25
Strength 20-25
Dexterity 20-40
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 50
Faith 6


Dragon rider bow +5
Composite bow +10
Manikin saber +10
Dagger +10
Staff of your choice (depending on stats or personal looks- although staff of wisdom or amana would be best)
Any other weapons you can/want to use for off handing or for close range

Magic infuse the bows along with magic arrows, maybe iron as back up

Also weapons that can parry in the offhand are great for dealing with close range spammers such as rapiers or curved swords, katanas could be useful for chase downs as well


Rings- any really, clearblue stone, third dragon, RoB, chloranthy, Ring of Intel (suggestions really)

As for armor you can wear anything you want personally I like to use pieces that would stand out as, " hey that person has magics and bows oh shi.."

I like targrays armor with a mix of witch/ chaos sets along with some leggings or gauntlets for poise although you won't need it if your spacing is good
Possibly engraved gauntlets for the crits with arrows is always nice if want


Any sorceries that can be used to keep opponents at range that being said soul vortex, soul spear, homing crystal soulmass, and soul shower however you can use anything really but don't rely heavily on magics just use them to punish heals or turtles (without magic defense shields or someone who thinks they can out bow you)


This is a tricky build and you might not be used to the play style but it's very fun and pretty viable for people who think they can roll through anything

Really you just gotta pick and choose when you want to lose an arrow with the magic dragon rider bow +5 I hit consistently for around 300-400 and the magics do considerable damage plus your magic infused weapons for those whom can't be dealt with at distance

There are ways to counter this build however, magic shields and havels great shields can be a pain but a magic dagger for guard breaks and ripostes help a lot plus with soulmass you are guaranteed a hit to land when they roll once you get the bows hit box between rolls. Another thing is watch out for great sword running r1s katana running r1s and curved swords for those who want to chase you down

Other than that just let those arrows fly but be careful with the dragon rider bow as stamina management can get tricky- it uses a lot of Stam but has a slow release time that throws people off. The stats above can be re-spect to give you more stamina or strength for the DRB+5 the composite bow is useful too as it's pretty fast

I would suggest staying away from soul greatsword because of back stabs

Halberds or reapers can be useful as well because they force some spacing between your opponent and a shield could be useful if you want or you can land parries especially roll set up parries as the opportunity will present itself quite often (big strength weapon users will try to roll r1 you)

Finally I would try to keep equip burden low so you can roll farther if possible maybe royal solider ring as the ring slots are up to you. Health won't be a problem if you don't get hit very often so you can def put those points into VIT or END as you see fit. And expect healers as people might get aggravated that they can't hit you so keep those soul spears for that reason because unless they have like 5 health left the bow won't out damage estrus recovery

Some last thoughts… Try to have fun with this build and expect some hate mail. I also try to use my swords or other weapons In my offhand along with the staff so the dagger can be used for face stabs as bow guard breaks are tricky to see. And don't forget to keep your magic arrows stocked! Have fun hunting!


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