My Hexer


This is a fast Hexer, i'm loving play using this build.


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 146
Vigor 19
Endurance 25
Vitality 5
Attunement 35
Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 43
Faith 43


RH: Dark Sunset Staff +5, Dark Blue Longsword Moonlight Longsword +10
LH: Dark Caitha's Chime +10, Drangleic Shield


Hexer's Hood + Lion Mage Set
Ring 1: Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Ring 2: Ring of Steel Protection +2
Ring 3: Southern Ritual Band +2
Ring 4: Yorgh's Ring


Dark Orb, Dark Weapon, Dark Hail, Whisper of Despair, Scraps of Life, Resonant Flesh


Start the game using Swordsman you will have 2 great swords por kill The Pursuer and The Last Giant.

For a fast Dark Sunset Staff, first use the glitch for Dragonrider fall in the wather, then kill The Last Giant and The Pursuer. Talk to Sweet Shalquoir in Majula, buy a Silvercat Ring and go to The Rotten and kill him 2 times. After that up your int and faith for 25. Go speak with Felkin the Outcast.

Go to Crown of the Sunken King DLC and peak all Twinkling Titanite. For a easy speedrun you will need a bow and some arrows, you can use the Short Bow.

You will pick 14 Twinkling Titanite, than go to The Lost Bastille for speak with Steady Hand McDuff, he will give to you 1 Twinkling Titanite. You will have a Sunset Staff +5 in a 1 hour gameplay.

With you have any doubt for how pick all Twinkling Titanite, see the link


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