My Easy Ticket to Dark Souls


Heavy armor, Heavy Weaponry, Strong Miracle, sorcery, and Pyromancy caster, Mobile, Quick… Overall Magical Tank of Destruction.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 147
Vigor 23
Endurance 18
Vitality 18
Attunement 20
Strength 35
Dexterity 25
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 23
Faith 22


Black Knight Greatsword, Zweihander or Greatsword (+10 for maximum power, maybe elemental enchanted), PYROMANCY FLAME REQUIRED, best sorcery catalyst and Miracle Catalyst you can come by, any shield with 100% dam. reduc.


Dark set or Elite Knight set, Hexer's hood required for extra casts.


CRYSTAL SOUL WEAPON (Though, useless on the Black Knight Greatsword with patches), Flame Swathe, Fire/Chaos Storm (If you want), Soul Spear, Some Hexes (I only use Dark Weapon) if you want, Lightning Spear/Great Lighning Sp ear/Sunlight Spear


This is my first character, and the stats are of what I am now and I just beat the Rotten in New Game. Double Flame Swathes (Got my other copy from Bell Keepers in Blefry Sol) with Hexer's Hood to have six uses instead of three. Also, equip one of the Dragon Rings and The Royal Soldier's Ring to keep you're equip load below 70% for full mobility with loads of protection. The other two ring slots are free for you, but I equip Ring of Steel Protection and Ring of Blades/Ring of Restoration. My goal is to have 30 VGR, 30 END, 30 VIT, 40 ATT, 75 STR, 50 DEX, 40 ADP, 60 INT, 55 FTH by the end of NG++ or NG+3. The way I was such a High level at my place is because I farmed Heide's Tower of Flame via Bonfire Acsetic. Very tedious, very time consuming, but if you have Covetous Silver and Covetous Gold Serpents rings, you can get more Items to redeem with Gavlan at the Doors of Pharros, and you can get more souls from the Dragonrider each Ascetic. You could also farm the Old Iron King but that doesn't yield as many souls. When I get to the Giant Lord, I'll infinitely farm him until half way to my goal, and if you're gonna try this build, I suggest Soul Farming the two ways I perform. Good Luck with this build.


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