you are tired of beating everything and everyone with ease, you want to add little challenge to your life and Dark souls, you want to be proud of your self while kicking the A of some Bosses and completing this game with pure trusting awesomeness, you want to roll around and play like a real man or a french man both consider as very manly, then this is the built for you. ( sorry for spelling , my english is pretty bad ) :D

company of champion required because your Gud

enjoy i add alot of fun with this built


Starting Class Deprived
Level 99
Vigor 10
Endurance 30
Vitality 6
Attunement 6
Strength 8
Dexterity 50
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 6
Faith 6


Rapier +10 ( no element stone ) normal or raw built and a
target shield


-hunter's hat
-black leather armor
-leather glove
-black leather pants
-old leo ring
-ring of blade
-chloranthy ring
-bracing knuckle ring


none , be a man


Roll , parry , trust


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