Mundane GodSlayer (Experimental)


This is a build thats being built at the moment that uses mundane gear and a handfull of spells. Its mainly for pvp and it needs some testing so im throwing it out there. You most likely wont be able to use havels gear unless you only use some of the suggested weapons.
Any starting class can use this build, but i'd recommend choosing a class and get to end game and get everything ready for this build, then soul vessal yourself to the needed stats


Starting Class Warrior
Level 199
Vigor 28
Endurance 28
Vitality 28
Attunement 28
Strength 28
Dexterity 28
Adaptability 28
Intelligence 28
Faith 28


Mundane Daggers, Mundane Parrying Dagger, Mundane Bow/GreatBow, Mundane Santier's Spear, Black Witchs Staff, Pyro Flame


Havels set, Jesters set, Whatever your comfortable in.


Resonant Weapon, Great Heal, Flame Swathe, Soul GreatSword, (Great Heavy Soul Arrow OR Homing crystal soulmass)


Pick a charcter class and get to end game, then soul vessel your self to the needed stats


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