mive's 'Refined' Mundane PvP Build


A SL150 PvP build focusing on the core of a standard mundane build. High defence but less mixup


Starting Class Warrior
Level 150
Vigor 28
Endurance 19
Vitality 19
Attunement 20
Strength 25
Dexterity 22
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 30
Faith 20


RH1- Mundane Santier's Spear +5

LH1- Mundane Avelyn +10
LH2- Pyromancy Flame +10


Velstadt's Helm +5
Mastodon Armor +10
Penal Handcuffs +5
Mastodon Leggings +10

Third Dragon Ring
Cloranthy Ring +2
Royal Soldier's Ring +2
Ring of Blades +2


Flame Weapon
Forbidden Sun


Firstly, I don't intend to steal PopShabang's thunder here, I understand stat wise the build is very similar. However through quite a bit of PvP play testing I've found the stat spread that works for me. Mundane being a totally new concept in Dark Souls 2, naturally I was drawn to it and subsequently found it to be very powerful and fun to use. The problem I had with using builds other people had posted on various forums throughout the Internet was there was often too much going on, almost too much versatility for me. I tried toxic clouds, poison Ricard's Rapiers, hexes with spices etc. but found that constantly changing my attacks didn't work for me and half the time I didn't use these options. So I decided to strip the build down, focus on just three methods of attack and use high defence armour.

Santier's Spear is an extremely versatile weapon, use its 1H R1s and running R1s often as keep away or small chips of damage; rolling R1 is also useful as long as it lands, the attack afterward can be punished if it misses so be wary. In 2H it's R1 spam is a match ender but don't get carried away, stamina loss and the old sun ring can make it blow up in your face if you don't close the match off with it. Again te running 2H is useful and can sometimes catch a dead angle if they charge you. Avelyn is the game winner for me maybe 60% of the time, get the opponent used to rolling your pokes then when they move in to counter shove three bolts in for roughly 700-1000 damage depending on defences. If they run to heal, shoot them down (incredibly satisfying :) ) and if they often hit R1 twice and miss, make sure you remember this and punish again. Pyro flame can be used to buff the spear at the start, then forbidden sun should be used before avelyn comes out, take your time and ALWAYS use it for damage rather than keep away, with patience you can hit for 1200 and then pressure further for a win. good luck and please post questions :)


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