Magic Spartan


They came from Sparta….and with them brought pain in their wake. Discovery of Magic only led them to greater heights!

Note: Mine currently is SL153 (t was 150, but because of the weight of some things I had to put into VIT. Eventually this build with be 50 across the board). The stats currently are:
VGR 20
END 21
VIT 10
ATN 20
STR 40
DEX 40
ADP 10
INT 40

SL153. But, for the "True" magic spartan to come out, the following stats will be needed, but not necessary.

I'm not sure what it is, but apparently something is giving me an extra point of VIT. Is it the dragon ring? I'm not sure, but currently I'm 153SL, and in my status page it is showing 11 VIT even though the emerald herald is showing 10.


Starting Class Knight
Level 267
Vigor 30
Endurance 30
Vitality 30
Attunement 30
Strength 50
Dexterity 50
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 50
Faith 10


Pike +10 closest looking spear to the Spartans spear and pretty cool moveset. I've also have thought of going the Santier's Spear route for the horizontal attacks, but for looks Pike. Also, a good alternative would be Pates due to its high damage and moveset and look, but upgrading with Twinkling Titanite has always been a pain for me in this one since no one sells it.

Poison Blue Flame +5 (Currently mine is +3 as I've said, it is hard for me to get Twinkling Titanite :/ Also, poison raises both physical AND magic as well as adding poison whereas magic decreases physical while only adding 3 extra points to magic over poison with no other benefits), but this is helpful for using magic and attacking. There is no sword close to the Spartans, and so this one does quite nicely and looks damn cool.

For shield I use the Pursuers Greatshield as it is THE closest shield to the spartans that I have found and has great defenses despite its weight.


Equipment is quite simple, but might take a bit to get.

For the helm is Velstadt's. This, as most of you know is late game. Twinkling titanite is quite hard for me to get as well, so mine is only +3 or so. Closest looking helm to the Spartans with pretty decent defense.

For the body I use the Red Lion Warrior cape. The chest guard part makes it look damn close to the Spartans. A good alt would be the regular Lion Warrior cape. Mine is only +8, but because I haven't take the time to get the chunks due to disconnection issues :/

For arms I use Vagarian Cuffs, but Brigands can be used as well though the bright colors do clash with the rest of it and makes it look weird.

The bottoms I use the Penal Skirt. Another alternative can be Moon Butterfly Skirt or Prisoner Waistcloth. Penal Skirt has better defenses, and the jump for the moon butterfly makes rolling difficult. A must for the Magic Spartan.

Rings: This is all preference, but my rings that I use are the Soldiers Ring +1, Second Dragon Ring, Cloranthy Ring +1 and the ring of blades +1

Alternatively you can use the 3rd dragon ring, Cloranthy Ring +2 (Needed to recover stamina behind the shield), Old Leo Ring (Though never seems to work for me), and then Ring of Steel Protection +2.

Rings are all preference, but those are what I recommend. Gowers Ring of Protection is good to stop those backstabbers as well.

I prefer currently my Soldiers Ring +1, Cloranthy +1, Second Dragon Ring, and Ring of Blades. The low vIt I have currently require these. Later on I will be switching once I reach higher vit.


For spells it is all preference, but Great Magic Shield is used to bolster the already amazing defenses (Unless I'm misreading and knowing the spell. It should increase elemental defenses too)

Magic Greatsword for those who get close while using Blue Flame for that extra Ooomph.

Crystal homing Soul mass. Shield and then watch the orbs attack those who dare get close to you.

Soul Spear. Spartans use Spears. They now use magic….so….SOUL SPEAR! Plus it hits hard.

Soul Geyser (Multi Soul spear attack? Yes please. Granted, I don't have it yet, but it is recommended)

Soul Bolt.

Heavy Homing Soul Arrow for targets loving to dodge.

And whatever else you really want to use.

I suggest Chameleon as well for the Magic Spartan if you wish to do guerrilla tactics or surprise an enemy. Coming out of a barrel or vase with a Soul Greatsword or Soul Vortext, Soul Geyser, or Soul Spear is sure to throw people off and put the fear of Sparta into them!

The main spells for this build though are Great Magic Shield, Crystal Homing Soulmass, and Soul Greatsword. Nothing else is needed unless wanted.

Another spell that might be of use is Repair as the Pike can easily lose durability. So be wary of that as well.


Watch out for backstabs as everyone WILL go for them.

If this happens switch to Blue Flame and beat them back.

The use of the spear to keep opponents at range as well as Crystal Homing Soulmass is quite useful for a fortress of pain. Beware these backstabbers.

Try to get as high of a spell casting speed as possible as you WILL need it since you're not using a catalyst.

An alterative is TO use a Catalyst, but if so switching becomes quite a hassle when melee is needed.

Other than that just have fun and bring the fear of Sparta to your enemies! THIS! IS! SPARTA! >:D Or rather….THIS! IS! DRANGLEIC!


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