Mage unbeatable


Amazing mage


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level N/A because I tried this build in a couple of ways and they all were amazing
Vigor 40 (not necessarily)
Endurance 30 because it's amazing
Vitality 20
Attunement 99 Max slots, spell uses and casting speed BNS
Strength 28/30 (30 for tanking in which case do not need to raise vigor so much)
Dexterity 15
Adaptability 25 (if not tanking) 15 if tanking
Intelligence 96 (casting speed and spell uses
Faith Whatever as it doesn't really matter


RH1: Magic Staff of Wisdom +5
RH2: Magic Moonlight Greatsword +5
LH1: Magic Blue Flame +5
LH2: Binoculars
LH3: Tower Shield +10 (for tankers/ those not so good at rolling)/ Parrying Dagger/ Target Shield +10


Chaos Hood +5
Lion Mage Set +10
Ring of Knowledge (if not maxing out)
Southern Ritual Band +2
Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Simpleton's Ring (Dodgers)
Chloranthy Ring +2
Strength Ring (Tankers)
Third Dragon Ring


We got 13 (with Southern Ritual Band +2) so here goes:
1) Crystal Magic Weapon
2) Crystal Soul Spea
3)Heavy Homing Soul Arrow
4) Homing Crystal Soulmass
5) Repair
6) Soul Geyser
7) Soul Greatsword
8) Soul Spear
9) Soul Vortex
10) Unleash Magic
11) Strong Magic Shield
12) Great Heavy Soul Arrow
13) Yearn (PvE)/ Shockwaves (PvP)


I recommend using crystal Magic weapon with the Magic Blue Flame +5 to increase damage on Magic Moonlight Greatsword +5.


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