Mage Hex Pyro


Optimize killing ability by combining the power of magic, hexes, and pyromancies.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 83
Vigor 10
Endurance 6
Vitality 6
Attunement 30
Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Adaptability 6
Intelligence 40
Faith 20


Fire Sword, Lightning Sword, Something light, Pyromancy glove, Chime, Sorcerers Staff


Hexers Armor, Black Mage Armor


Soul Spear, Flame Swathe, Dark Hail, Affinity (Decrease 3 using Skeptics Spice), Dark Storm, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Soul Great sword, Dead Again


Keep your sword in your right hand and your Chime, Glove, or Staff in your left. Learn to dodge. 20 is usually a good cap for Faith, since many good Hexes only require around that amount. Stopping at 50-60 INT and using Spices to get down other spells would be a good idea. A few miracles are also good, like Homeward for farming or Healing miracles.


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