Live long and Prosper


Dual wield on the Roperas, depending on the occasion switch to Lightning spears. Heal and Repair when necessary


Starting Class Bandit
Level 283
Vigor 35
Endurance 41
Vitality 15
Attunement 60
Strength 25
Dexterity 50
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 20
Faith 65


R1 Lightning Espada Ropera +10
R2 Lightning Dragon Chime +5
L1 Dark Espada Ropera +10
L2 Black Witch's Staff +10


Crown of the Old Iron King +5
Llellewyn Armour +5
Havel's Gloves +5
Santum Knight Leggings +5

Ring1: Ring of Blades +2 / Lightning Clutch Ring
Ring2: Simpleton's Ring / Sun Seal
Ring3: Third Dragon Ring
Ring4: Flynn's Ring / Ring of Prayer


Great Heal, Repair, Sunlight Spear, Heavenly Thunder and a bunch of Great Lightning Spear


Be agressive but keep in mind your stamina


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