Starting Class Knight
Level 140
Vigor 24
Endurance 20
Vitality 15
Attunement 33
Strength 20
Dexterity 13
Adaptability 15
Intelligence 3
Faith 50


RH: Lightning Defender's Greatsword +5 or Lightning Claymore +10; Pyro Glove +10
LH: Blossom Kite Shield +10; Magic Magic Shield; Lightning Dragon Chime +5


Armor: Fashion Souls
Rings: Clear Bluestone Ring +2; Southern Ritual Band +2; Third Dragon Ring; 4th ring whatever you want


Emit Force (x2), Sunlight Spear, Flame Swathe (x2), Fire Tempest, Great Heal, Great Magic Barrier


Forgive me if the soul level is off, I'm at work and trying to remember my stats. With 33 ATN and 15 ADP you have 99 agility, it helps a ton IMHO.

Note on shields: Kite Blossom is for stamina regen mainly, two hand your sword & swing away! The Magic Magic Shield (100% magic block) is to take care of those pesky mages.


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