Fire Chaos Blade


A strong katana build that does damage on par with other buff builds without being an OP win all build. No shield means you have to be smart with your attacks and practice your dodging. The Chaos Blade is a good weapon for this build as it combines good reach, moderate stamina consumption, fast swing speeds, and killer damage all in one package. Running R1's to a single R1 will be your bread and butter start off attack to do more combos. Combos will be listed below.


Starting Class Bandit
Level 130
Vigor 50
Endurance 29
Vitality 17
Attunement 2
Strength 12
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 24
Intelligence 1
Faith 8


Chaos Blade +5- For that pesky PvE and when your Flame Weapon runs out ;)

Fire Chaos Blade +5- To buff with Flame Weapon and release the hurt

Pyromancy Flame +10- For Flame Weapon and other pyromancies

Short Bow +10- For fegs that run away and to poison people, other bows acceptable

Parrying Dagger +10- *OPTIONAL* good for 1 handed parries but most of the time you'll be 2 handing and you can parry with kats now

Iron Parma +10- *OPTIONAL* not needed but recommended for early levels


Thief Mask- *OPTIONAL* Only use if character is female

Alva Armor +10- Lightweight, stylish, and great defense, quite possibly the best weight/defense ratio in the game.

Engraved Gauntlets +5- Fits the look of the armor really well and the chance for the normal hit to change to a critical hit is too good to pass up

Vengarl Boots +5/Alva Boots +10- Either one works, I prefer the Vengarl Boots for the looks and increased defenses, Alva works if you're low on Twinkling Titanite

Third Dragon Ring
Life Ring +2/Chloranthy Ring +2
Ring of Blades +2
Southern Ritual Band +2


Flame Weapon- *REQUIRED* flame weapon is key to making this build amazing, adds a sweet flame over your blade and burns your foes

Recommended Pyromancies
Flame Swathe- Very powerful but highly situational, not used by me but it's a highly damaging pyromancy

Fire Tempest- Great for luring in foes and very useful in ganks or other situations that require an AOE spell, great for bosses, I personally use it

Toxic Mist- A great pyromancy that toxifies foes for even more damage than poison

Great Fireball- Good if you know how to use it right

Great Combustion- Slower than the original Dark Souls great combustion but fairly quick and good damage, the flame also lingers a bit, very good pyromancy

Flame Whip- Flame used in a short "whip" around the caster, pretty good and fast, I use it frequently


Running R1-R1-Run/Roll away: Good hit and run tactic and useful if they are using a quicker weapon than you

Running R1-R1-R1-R2: Great finisher and if your foe seems inexperienced you can quickly end a fight this way in the beginner

Roll into opponent-R1-Roll away: The katanas have a great rolling R1 that hits in a 180 degree angle in front of you.

R1-R1-R1-R2: The first 2 attacks are mean't to pull foes in, the key is to time the third attack right as they get near you and then finish with the R2, takes time to master and most likely won't work against an experienced player

General gameplay tips-
Use your shield in PvE unless you feel comfortable dodging most things
If your opponent is a mage, get in their face and don't give them any breathing room
Against CMW MLGS users the running R1 to R1 combo is insanely effective, just make sure you can get out of there quickly before they can retaliate
Using the guard break or "shoulder tap" as I call it is very effective against everybody, hence the reason you don't rock a shield, you're always about the damage and a shield can make you play defensive and this build is always on the offense, and offensive mindset is key.

Brothers of Blood (Recommended)
Blue Sentinels
Rat Covenant (Not highly recommended)
Bell Keepers Covenant (Not highly recommended)


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