My Easy Ticket to Dark Souls


Packing Heavy Weapons, Various Spells including Pyromancy and Miracles, While still having equip load below 70%


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 147
Vigor 23
Endurance 18
Vitality 20
Attunement 20
Strength 35
Dexterity 25
Adaptability 8 (I plan to have it to about 15 soon)
Intelligence 25
Faith 23


Black Knight Greatsword, Zweihander or Greatsword (+10 if possible, maybe Fire or Lightning enchanted), Any 100% Dam. Reduc. shield, Sorcery catalysts, PYROMANCY FLAME +5, Miracle Chimes. Any heavy weaponry with a good shield and powerful spell catalysts. Pyromancy Flame is a must have for this build.


Dark Set or Elite Knight set, Always Equip Hexer's Hood for extra spell casts.


CRYSTAL SOUL WEAPON (Don't bother with it if you use the BK Greatsword), Soul Spear (Higher INT), Flame Swathe, Chaos Storm/Fire Storm (If you can utilize it properly, Unlike me), Lightning Spear/Great Lightining Spear/Sunlight Spear (Invest in Skeptic's Spices for Sunlight Spear or Great LS if you don't want to invest too much in Faith past 30-35), Maybe a hex or two (personally, I only use Dark Weapon Hex), any Elemental Enchant Sorceries… Just this being your Sorcery Armory, of course, So you're prepared for just about anything.


I JUST beat the Rotten, And I was this level, On My first playthrough. To get such high levels, I used bonfire ascetics on the Heide's Ruin Bonfire to farm the Old Knights. That's more Tedious and Time consuiming than Farming the old Iron King, But yields more souls since you can farm the crap out of the Dragonrider. Another tip: Equip two Flame Swathes, I got my second copy from killing a Bell Keeper in Belfry Sol. If you have the Hexer's Hood, you'll have six uses instead of three. Also Equip both Royal Soldier's Ring and Second Dragon Ring to jack up equip load. Do whatever with the other two. I'm stil in developmental stage of my first build, but I plan on having about 40 ATT, 65 STR, 55 INT, 30 VGR, 30 END, 30 VIT, 55 FTH, 20 ADP, and 50 DEX by the end of NG+ or NG++. Good Idea to farm the Old Iron Kind, Better Idea to farm Heide's Tower of Flame, and then infinitely farm the Giant Lord. good luck with this build.


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