Cr4z3dMonk3y8's personal build


this build is my personal build and ive been using it ever since i got dark souls 2


Starting Class Bandit
Level 300
Vigor 75
Endurance 40
Vitality 35
Attunement 35
Strength 30
Dexterity 30
Adaptability 25
Intelligence 15
Faith 15


RH1 - Claymore or Royal Great sword
RH2 - Dagger of any kind

LH1 - Magic watch dragon parma
LH2 - Crossbow or bow
LH3 - Pyromancy flame


Faraam Helm
Faraam Armor

Rings -
Old Sun Ring
Cloranthy Ring
Third Dragon Ring or Royal Soldier ring if more equipment load is needed
Any ring (Ring of Blades preferred)
Havel Gauntlets
Havel Leggings


Flame Weapon
Firestorm, fire tempest or Forbidden sun


This build is for PvE and PvP, i would advise keeping some repair powder as well as some firebombs and charcoal pine resign if you want to use a different weapon


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