Knight of Versatility (FEMALE)


The "Knight of Versatility" build is, as the title suggests, a knight that is capable of sustaining itself in most situations with little difficulty.

It's worth noting, however, that this build takes a very long time to complete to the standards shown, due to the high Soul Level and rarity of the gear used. Futhermore, this build is generally useless for male characters, as some of the gear used only gives benefits to female characters, for some reason.



Starting Class Knight
Level 500
Vigor 60
Endurance 75
Vitality 60
Attunement 50
Strength 50
Dexterity 75
Adaptability 50
Intelligence 15
Faith 65


RH 1: Loyce Greatsword +5 (Basic/Raw/Lightning)

LH1: Loyce Shield +5 (Basic/Magic)

LH2: Lightning Dragon Chime +5


These are your main weapons. It is highly recommended to two-hand the Loyce Greatsword if an Old Leo Ring is equipped, as the strong attack is a powerful thrust with far reach, so the damage output has much higher potential when said ring is equipped.


OPTIONAL (PvP-Oriented):

LH3: Ice Rapier: +5 (Basic/Lightning)

OR Rapier +10 (Basic/Lightning)


These thrusting swords are to be used in conjunction with the Loyce Greatsword, as heavier weapons aren't as useful in PvP if the opponent is running away. The Ice Rapier is highly recommended for situations such as that due to it's long reach and special projectile attack.


Armor: Loyce Set +5


The Loyce Set offers great defenses, albeit less than it's tainted counterpart, though it retains the added bonus of giving female characters 40 HP upon killing a foe with the full set worn.



1: Chloranthy Ring +2
2: Third Dragon Ring/Royal Soldier's Ring +2
3: Old Leo Ring
4: Ring of The Evil Eye +2


1. The Chloranthy Ring is a vital ring that should always be used, no matter what build you're using, as lack of stamina will get you killed.
2. The Loyce Set is fairly heavy, as such it is recommended to use either the Third Dragon Ring, or the Royal Soldier's Ring +2 if you lack the necessary vitality to move efficiently with the set.
3. Most weapons used with this build have powerful thrusting attacks, so the Old Leo Ring is a requirement for high damage.
4. To put the cherry on top, the Ring of The Evil Eye +2 adds 80 HP regain to the 40 HP regain from the Loyce Set, which adds up quickly to 120 HP per kill. If you can dodge enemy attacks, take hits like you're being hit with a twig, and/or kill multiple foes quickly, you'll rarely take significant damage in many situations.


Highly Recommended:
1. Sunlight Spear
2. Blinding Bolt
3. Bountiful Sunlight - CO-OP
4. Caressing Prayer
5. Perseverance
6. Wrath of the Gods
7. Great Magic Barrier
8. Sacred Oath - CO-OP


1. 1 VS 1 attack
2. 1 VS Multiple foe attack
3. Heal yourself and any possible allies quickly
4. Useful in places like The Gutter or Black Gulch.
5. Boosts resistance to various ailments, such as poison. Compliments the Caressing Prayer.
6. Knockback multiple enemies, setting them up for a wide radius of slashing.
7. Protect yourself from magic attacks when two-handing the Loyce Greatsword, or fortify the Magic Loyce Shield.
8. Buff yourself and any allies, increasing overall versatility.


Substitute miracles that generally have the same effects are encouraged if the listed miracles are currently inaccessible for the user.


-To take complete advantage of this build, the character's gender MUST be female.

-The reason for the high dexterity is because the Loyce Greatsword only scales with dexterity. Any thrusting sword that has high dexterity scaling would work well too.

-The Loyce Shield's primary use is the spare HP regeneration effect, the overall versatile defenses, and it's designed to match the rest of the full Loyce Set. Any other shield could be used at your own discretion, but the Wicked Eye Greatshield is not recommended at all, as it's HP regen effect cancels out the Loyce Set's effect completely.


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