Knight Drenched in Blood


Now he awakens and whats revenge, Nahr Alma orders you to take other's blood. Knight Drablood uses his high strength to end other's lives. He's coming for you next……


Starting Class Warrior
Level 250
Vigor 50
Endurance 50
Vitality 30
Attunement 40
Strength 50
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 19
Intelligence 16
Faith 8


RH1- Drakeblood Greatsword +5
RH2- Alonne Greatbow (Any Greatarrows) +10
RH3- optional

LH1- Drangleic Shield +10
LH2- Pyro Flame +10


1. DrakeBlood Knight set - DLC Crown of the sunken king treasure.

1. Third/Second/First Dragon ring
2. Chloranthy Ring
3. Ring of Blades
4. Clear Bluestone Ring (Optional, it was for increased Spell casting speed.)


1. Great fireball
2. Fire whip
3. Great Combustion
4. Flame Weapon
5. Flame Swathe
6. Warmth- Optional ( If you take damage during a fight club or feel like healing)
7. Chameleon- Optional (I use it for trolling and hiding)


Join the Brotherhood of blood covenant.
Fight others and if you come across a hacker….. keep fighting!
Have fun everyone! :)

psn- KeiFatalFrame
Add me or message me, and we can co op or pvp together!


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