King of Thieves


A great build for those who want a balance between fast movement and variety. This character has very high resistances and is able to dish out blows almost as powerful as a hardcore STR build. Also mind you this is a first walk through character so the stats will increase and change as NG+ and up continue. Just make sure you have some help on the Smelter Demon….. (CURSE YOU SMELTER DEMON!!!!)


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 132
Vigor 14
Endurance 24
Vitality 20
Attunement 16
Strength 30
Dexterity 31
Adaptability 35
Intelligence 10
Faith 5


Since this builds main focus is variety, it is important to have an arsenal of tools on hand. These include the Uchigatana, Washing Pole, Murakumo, Pyromancy Flame, Hunters Blackbow, and either the throne defender's shield or a claw infused with a bleedstone. DO NOT BOTHER INFUSING ANY OTHER WEAPONS! You can easily use pile resin instead.

In the right hand:
Hunter Black-bow

In the left hand:
Washing Pole
Pyromancy Flame
either the throne defender's shield of claw (your choice)

This wide variety of tools provides an excellent middle ground between speed and damage output for any homicidal dark spirit or unfortunate player just trying to get to that next bonfire. So far the only downside I can see with this build is a low physical defense but that's easily dealt with through skilled dodging and good timing.

The two katanas can be used in a power-stance which provides the insanely long reach of the washing pole with the heavy damage of the uchigatana (and i mean heavy, I can put down an Alonne knight captain just two or three swings.) Just be careful as power-stances drain stamina in two swings. So do your damage and get back to recover. They are just as reliable for normal attacks aswell.

If you need to deal some heavier damage its time to break out the Murakumo, its slower but its almost always a guaranteed stunlock. Having so much stamina also helps because this character can get 5 or 6 swings out before becoming exhausted. This is more than enough to take out any annoying caster and if by some miracle they do survive it will have them drained down pretty low.

The Black-bow (my personal favorite) has an S scaling in DEX! This is every snipers dream weapon. It has an insane reach with almost no arrow drop, hits VERY hard, and can knock any caster out of a spell every time. Its especially useful in the doors of Pharros due to the high ledges providing great views for sniping. (Poison arrows are especially fun)

The Pyromancy flame is really only good as a last ditch effort but its saved me many times over. I currently have Toxic Mist, Firestorm, and Fireball equipped but I don't see the harm in other combinations. (Its extra satisfying when you yell "FIRE MOTHAF@CKAH!" in the middle of casting firestorm)

The bleed infused claw is a good weapon for ambush. Its fast which means it build up bleed damage and give you time to escape before the enemy has time to react. Just be careful as it means you need to get up close and personal.

The shield is like any other, but by no means bad. For a parrying shield it has excellent damage reduction and has some pretty strong defensive stats. Just don't rely on it to keep you safe from a smack by the Smelter Demon…


The armor chosen for this character was primarily for the sake of looks. I rarely get hit anyway so I don't really need heavy armor. (Most of my deaths were in No-Man's Wharf when I rolled right off an edge to a watery grave…. or getting flattened by the Smelter Demon… again.)

The armor chosen is the Alva's Chest-piece and gloves. As well as the black leather hood and pants you get from Gilligan. Not only do these pieces look surprisingly good together (dark phantoms in this outfit look very intimidating, especially when they slow walk with the Terminator music playing), they add up alot of points to resistances without adding alot of weight. Just be sure you don't get nailed by a greatsword, they hurt alot. Don't worry though! Some skilled dodging will keep you safe and happy. (Gotta love those invincibility-frames!)

Rings are very important for this build, two especially. The Royal Soldiers Ring and the Third Dragon Ring are very important. They are what will allow you to run and roll with a weight under 70%. (You can unequip the royal soldiers ring for another if you are using the claw instead of the shield.)

The Southern Ritual Band allows for attunement of extra pyromancies. It is not required but highly recommended. If you want to use another, use the ring of blades or ring of giants.

And the fourth slot is for you to decide, though the Bracing Knuckle Band is recommended due to the low durability of Dex weapons.



Make sure to have plenty of repair powders and healing items on hand. If you get hit, you will need to run away and heal or you wont last very long. The same goes for your weapons, corrosive urns and weapon degradation ARE NOT your friend! Silver Talismans are fun too because you can sneak up behind people for backstabs. (it adds to the sneaky thief theme abit more too) Resins are also useful because you will be able to exploit any weakness your opponent might have.

Thats everything for now! All I can say at this point is to have fun, experiment, and think before you act. Just be careful on the Smelter Demon! I mean it….. be careful.


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