Kiara, Swordmaiden of the Dark


This build is created around the principal of an agile hybrid who, although I personally am using mainly Dark spells at the moment, is able to use all spheres of magic effectively (to a point) while still having sufficient HP for PvP and decent melee output when things get heated.

Worked well for me to complete all the content so far apart from rank 3 in Blue Sentinels and Brotherhood of Blood which are on going as I wrap up NG. CDO… ;)

I recommend going for the melee stats first but remember to gradually improve your magic for weapon enchant spells at regular intervals.

Alternate 1 equipment is pretty much what I used most of the game up until the last DLC.


Starting Class Explorer
Level 207
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 20
Attunement 30
Strength 30
Dexterity 30
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 40
Faith 40


RH1: Dark Mirrah Greatsword +9
RH2: Dark Dagger +9
RH3: Dark Hunter's Blackbow +9

LH1: Dark Espada Ropera +9
LH2: Black Witch's Staff +9
LH3: Empty / Drakekeeper's Shield +9 (equipped for PvE only as it puts equipment load > 40%) / Pyromancy Flame +10 viable, or another dagger would fit (39.9%)

AS1: Poison Arrows
AS2: Dark Arrows

Alternate 1:

RH1: Dark Longsword +9


Head: Kings Crown (PvP) / Crown of the Old Iron King (PvE)
Chest: Lion Mage Robe +9
Hands: Lion Mage Cuffs +9
Feet: Lion Mage Skirt +9

R1: Stone Ring / Delicate String… remember to swap it out when the fog appears! ^^ > for PvE recommend replacing this.
R2: Ring of Life Protection > Once you have completed the DLC content you can drop this for Abyss Ring.
R3: Ring of Blades
R4: Flynn's Ring

Alternate 1:

Chest: Desert Sorceress Top +9
Hands: Engraved Gauntlets
Feet: Desert Sorceress Skirt +9

R3 & R4: Varied


Dark Weapon
Soul Spear
Dark Orb


Apply Dark Weapon to Dark Mirrah Greatsword.

Open with Affinity followed quickly by Soul Spear and/or Dark Orbs before your opponent gets too close.

If at this point they have not been nuked:

1) If the enemy closes to melee range, use the Dark Mirrah Greatsword strong attack (two hits as if they dodge the thrust, the second slash should hit unless they rolled backwards) then roll out. For opponents with high poise, shields or massive weapons, switch to the Dark Dagger and use it with the Dark Espada Ropera to stun-lock, backstab, power stance or parry.

2) If the opponent retreats continue with Soul Spear and/or Dark Orbs. If they are still running away at this point send a few poison arrows their way to make them reconsider…


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