Kaathe's Lord Reborn


The Dark Wraiths of New Londo return. This Lord of the Dark was the leader of the Dark Wraiths, he journeys to Dragleic to spread the Dark


Starting Class Knight
Level any.
Vigor any
Endurance any
Vitality any
Attunement at least 40
Strength any
Dexterity any
Adaptability any
Intelligence enough to use resonant weapon, Numbness, and GRS
Faith enough to use resonant weapon, Numbness, and GRS


a weapon infused with dark. i like to use the Drakekeepers straight sword because it looks like the Dark sword from DS1


all of the dark set. u can use havels gauntlets for more defense because it still looks awesome


Resonant weapon, GRS, numbness. the rest is up to u.


fight for humanity. Look badass. SPREAD THE DARK AS THE TRUE DARK LORD!!


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