This build is tank with a variety of weapons at ready. Strictly made for close engagment, but can use simple ranged weapons. The idea is to carry one GREAT weapon to pervent parries(2 handed), a spear for range and to attack behind a shield, and any fast attacking light weapon (perferably swords) to deliver rapid attacks. This build can be applied to PvE and PvP.


Starting Class Knight
Level 97-351
Vigor 20-50
Endurance 20-50
Vitality 20-50
Attunement 0-25
Strength 40-99
Dexterity 30-50
Adaptability 20-30
Intelligence 0-20
Faith 0-30


I Personally (lvl 351) use-
Fire Giant Warriors Club +10(838 DMG).
Fire Masterdon Halberd +10(684 DMG)
Fire Varangian sword +10(441 DMG)
But i use different versions depanding on the enemy.
Ranged weapons, pyromancy, spells, hexes, miracles can be used; but you wont be able access the strongest or get best out of them (except Ranged weapons, healing miracles and pyromancy)
Any weapons can be used as long as it is considered a GREAT weapon.
Another should let you attack while behind a shield.
And the last just be fast


Havels set +5 (with shield) or Ironcad set +10

Havels set needs: (*really needs)
*Chloranthy ring(0-+1-+2)
*Dragon ring(first-second-third)
*Royal soldier's ring(0+1-+2)
*Gowers Ring (PvP) (more than one is recommended)
Ring of blades(0-+1-+2) (PvE)
Red eye Ring (Co-op only)
Any Physical or magical defense ring

Ironclad set is similar but you can use any shield (or no shield), no back stabs(no gowers ring)
the first 3 rings should be used and with the same weapon idea


Healing miracles,defensive spells and fast spells.
Or anything you perfer.


The idea is to be prepared for anything and to confuse players. this build is centered to
- restrict people from parrying and back stabbing
- Be a tank and deal with the enemy appropiatly.



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