I Am 'ReVengarl'




Starting Class Deprived
Level 162
Vigor 25
Endurance 16
Vitality 30
Attunement 25
Strength 40
Dexterity 27
Adaptability 36
Intelligence 8
Faith 8


2H Weapon, insano-membrano dmg.
(Fire*) Drakekeeper's Warpick +10
*Fire enchanted, Drakekeeper's Warpick +10

Pyromancy Flame +10

Hunter's Blackbow
999 Poison Arrows
(Meet Gavlan 3 times, he'll be in doors of pharros, up the ramp.)

Dual Wield, poison/bleed combo
(Bleed*) Claws +10
*Bleed enchanted, Claws +10
(Poison*) Caestus +10
*Poison enchanted, Caestus +10


Third Dragon Ring
Ring of Steel Protection +2
Southern Ritual Band +2
Ring of Blades +2 // or Dispelling Ring // or Stone Ring

Vengarl's Helm +5
Vengarl's Armor +5
Vengarl's Gloves +5
Vengarl's Boots +5


You'll have 5 natural spell slots of Attunement being 25 and another 3 from the Southern Ritual Band +2, being 8 spell slots total.

My Pyromancy Spells
-Chaos Storm (AOE damage)
-Great Chaos Fireball & Great Fireball // or Forbidden Sun
-Flame Weapon
-Flame Swathe
-Lingering Flame // or 2x Toxic Mist (for a detonating mine or moar poisonz)


With this build you should be under 70% weigh, allowing you to fast roll.

Let's recap. You've got a 2h weapon with mad damage and you can enchant it with Flame Weapon on top of its Fire enchant.
You've got a quick firing bow with only poison arrows to allow a quick dose of life draining poison. Not to mention your arsenal of pyromancy spells and quick witted right and left hook with another poison addition and bleed effect.

If using Lingering Flame:
These are slow detonating proximity mines. It takes about 2 seconds to pop with a 'watch out i'm gonna blow' visual. So people can probably dodge, UNLESS they're surprised by it or run in to it from around a corner or maybe from coming up a ladder.
Same goes for Toxic Mist. Except its a bigger body area covered by poison mist that slowly applies. Whether or not Toxic Mist gets them. You've got arrows and a fisty cuffs. Maybe even dung, idfk.

Chaos Fireball /Great Fireball //or Forbidden Sun is a given. These must be used amidst battle to get your opponent. Wait until they are mid attack. With QUICK ROLL, you should be able to run right up to them, smack their bum, and roll back. Causing them to waste time with an attack while you charge a spirit bomb.

Vengarl's armor has great defense on top of having the +100def bonus from the Ring of Steel Protection +2

Have fun. :3


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