The Honorable samurai


A deadly edgemaster with a katana so sharp it can split wide open even the best defences. This build is based on agile maneuver and lethal counterblow


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 150 (194)
Vigor 50
Endurance 20
Vitality 8 (never above or you will loose damage)
Attunement 10 (40)
Strength 9 (useless for this build)
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 26 (20)
Intelligence 20 (30)
Faith 20 (30)


All katana with a prerequisite of less then 19 of strenght (weapons always are wield two handed)

Dark drift washing pole and manslayer are naturaly amonst your favorite. Running the hunter blackbow on your back is a free access to a ranged attack. Keep in mind that you must limit whataver gear you use to the strict weight minimum so to keep the full benefit of fling ring, as such avoid having more then one katana equiped at the same time


Light armor is what you going to run however your end game armor is likely Sir Alone armor as it is both lightweight and well rounded defence wise

Regardless of the armor you wear you should make it so you keep the full damage bonus of flynn ring as well as your full dodge speed

Recommanded rings are Flynn ring, Ring of blades +2, Ring of the third dragon, chlorentry +2, Simpleton ring if you like to keep foe guessing


Resonant weapon, dark weapon, flame weapon all those spells that increase the damage trought an enhencement are very usefull. If you go higher then level 150 and start gaining more atunement slot you may consider a battlebuff such as sacred oath to deal even deadlyer damage.


This build is designed to be ran shieldless as such it runs entirely on evades it is highly recommanded to use the Simpleton ring as well as flynn ring and ring of blade +2 wich due to this build light weight and high mobility can turn the character in an highly elusive killer dealing extreme damage as well as interupting ennemy strikes on hit. Since this build simply put has no use for the strenght stat the remaining points can be put wherever needed including into the faith and inteligence score (at 30-30 your prety much damage caped) at some point you may switch adaptibility to atunnement for more spell slot altrought it will take way more atunement then adaptibility to maintain the perfect 104 dodge window. Due to katana dealing extreme counter damage it is best used as a counter weapon the same way as a lance (wich is to say in response to ennemy in the middle of an attack animation). Darkdrift and manslayer having prety much the same prerequisite to be wield you may use darkdrift against shield user and manslayer as your main weapon so to speak as manslayer has the nasty ability to cause poison damage as well as a better scaling then the blacksteel katana not to mention its damage behing prety much the same as the Uchigatana. Sir Alone bewitched sword as well as the washing pole both makes wonderfull longrange melee weapon when fighting people who use wide range attack in response to your dodges and due to the high dexterity score the use of a bow such as the black bow is highly effective damage wise.

Now you asking me how to use the Katana in battle? Katana is best used as a response weapon. As such either periodicaly do a regular slash (no chain slashing here im talking about doing a single opening strike) when close to your target. Either it will be attempting to attack either it will dodge backward, If hes actualy attacking odds are you will either both get hurt (with your foe likely taking twice the damage he dealth to you) or your target will get hurt first and be interrupted in its track before his blow can connect (most weapon are to slow to actualy outspeed the katana, few weapon like trusting rapiers however can outshine it on attack speed so watch out for fencers). Keep in mind katana deals way more damage on a counter strike then with a chaining attack and when unsure about hiting or not avoid wasting your stamina for nothing so you can use it for dodging. This weapon a backstep dash as well as a forward roll cuter. Keep in mind that forward dodging does not force you to immediately strike, work around delaying hits or doing them at random moment to keep your target guessing, Katana is deadliest when totally unexpected.


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