Holy Tank


A holy tank that can withstand massive punishment and heal his allies.


Starting Class Knight
Level 308
Vigor 53
Endurance 53
Vitality 53
Attunement 51
Strength 36
Dexterity 27
Adaptability 33
Intelligence 3
Faith 52


Rh1:Mastadon Halberd +10,Rh2:Raw Heavy Crosbow +10,Lh1:Greatshield of Glory +10,Lh2:Lightning Dragon's Chime +5.


Third Dragon Ring, Chloranthy Ring +2, Southern Ritual Band +2, Ring of Blades +2. I use +10 Heide Knight armor, lightweight and highly defensible.


3x Great Heal, 1x Sunlight Blade, 1x Sacred Oath, 3x Great Lightning Spear.


Use the crossbow to suprise enemies with that final bit of damage. I have two extra Mastodon Halberds in case the first one breaks. Poke strats are good but will get you killed, so be wary. The halberd has a sweet spot, so use it. The Great Heal miracle is far superior to your estus, use it often. Thanks again to TatteredThought for inspiring me!


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