Sun Paladin


A build focused around high faith and lightning weapons. delivers fast damage and excellent blocking ability. not recommended for those who prefer to dodge


Starting Class Knight
Level 157
Vigor 30
Endurance 16
Vitality 20
Attunement 20
Strength 36
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 3
Faith 55


Lightning Red Iron Twinblade +10 OR Lightning Pursuers Ultra Greatsword +5
Drakekeeper's Greatshield +10 OR Tower Shield +10 (Tower Shield has nice Sun decal on it)
Lightning Dragon Chime +5 (build uses no hexes so its worth making the chime lightning)


Syan's Helmet +10
Syan's Armor +10
Alonne Knight Gauntlets +10
Alonne Knight Leggings +10
Southern Ritual Band (for extra attunement slots)
any other rings that take your fancy

New Version

Drakekeeper Helm +10
Alonne Captain Armor +10
Steel Gauntlets +10
Alonne Knight Leggings +10

Clear Bluestone
Southern Ritual
Bracing Knuckle


Sunlight Spear
Great Lightning Spear
Sunlight Blade
Great Heal (good for healing allies)


I'm testing this build with Black Knight Great Axe at the moment. it has higher damage even with the int/fth scaling on the innate fire damage but it degrades very quickly


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