Cobra's Caster


This is an overall caster of my own personal choice, great for PVE or PVP if you can dodge and time Affinity and Dark orb to make the other player get hit by one hex or the other.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 225
Vigor 25
Endurance 6
Vitality 12
Attunement 75
Strength 15
Dexterity 7
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 66
Faith 66


Right Hand
Staff needs : Dark Sunset Staff +5 or Magic Staff of Wisdom +5
Chime needs: Lightning Dragon Chime +5 or Dark Chime of Want +5
Left Hand
Defender Shield +5 (or any other 100% physical) or Silverback Shield +10 (or any other high overall elemental blocking reduction shields)

(Note: the Blacksmith's Hammer can be used effectively with Dark/Fire/Magic/Lightning enchantment as melee alternative)


Hexer's Hood +5 (+1 INT and FTH)
Dark arrmor +5 or Faraam Armor +5 or Velstadt's Armor +5
Lion Mage Cuffs +10 or Vengarl's Gloves +5
Velstadt's Leggings +5 or Lion Mage Skirt +10
Southern Ritual Band +2
Chloranthy Ring +2
Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Ring of Steel Protectiong +2 (can be replaced by favorite ring)


Dark Orb x3 or x2 with a miracle in the spare slot
Affinity x1 (not needed for PVE as much as PVP can be substituted for miracles or more spells or spare soul spears
Crystal Soul Spear x1
Soul Spear x 4
Last Slot(one of these): Strong Magic Shield, Soul Geyser, Great Heal

General PvP spells/miracles:Dark Fog, Dark Orb, Affinity, Crystal/Normal Soul Spear, Scraps of Life and Sunlight Spear


Mix and match armor to your style and test out the cast speed differences with the lion mage items equipped (with 0 cast speed = 224, with 1 = 236, with both = 249) and balance your armor to set your encumbrance to be just below 70.0%


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