Heavy Soldier


This is a build that uses a full loadout (3 weapons in the right hand, 3 in the left) that will have you prepared for any type of enemy.


Starting Class Knight
Level 225
Vigor 40
Endurance 40
Vitality 50
Attunement Starting
Strength 50-60
Dexterity 50-60
Adaptability 26
Intelligence Starting
Faith Starting


DOMINANT HAND: A sword or hand axe (I use the Sunlight Straight sword)
A greathammer, greataxe, or U. greatsword (Gyrm Greathammer)
A piercing weapon (Partisan)

OFF HAND: A parrying tool or weapon (Manikin shield)
A ranged weapon (Hunters blackbow)
and the Rebel's Greatshield


High defense, high poise armor (Looking Glass set with Farram helm)
Third Dragon Ring
Royal Soldiers Ring
Chloranthy Ring
Giant's Ring


Wands are for wimps.


I am the formerly anonymous author of the soldier build posted before this. This is the same build, but more appropriately named, and I will write some more detail on how this build is properly used. First and foremost, you must know your equipment.
The most important thing to remember about this build is to keep your weight at %70.0 or lower, for this is the threshold for "fat rolling" which is not a very effective tactic, especially in pvp. Use the Royal Soldier's Ring +2 and the Third Dragon Ring to drastically increase your carry weight.

LIGHT WEAPON (hand axe/sword)
For this build, I would recommend the sunlight straight sword. Fully upgraded, this sword has an A parameter on both strength and dex, adding up to about 375 damage making this sword very hard to compete with. This weapon is also very fast. That being said, you should not swing it like a maniac. Time your attacks correctly, and your opponents will find it hard to dodge. It's one handed sprint attack is particularly effective because of it's speed. Use this against unarmored enemies to surprise them while closing the distance.

Using a great weapon effectively requires some skill, but is well worth it. For this build, use the Gyrm Greathammer: The anvil on a stick. This weapon has an A parameter for strength and ends up doing some massive damage fully upgraded. This weapon also has a unique move set, as it's heavy attack is a very powerful spin attack. While hard to hit enemy players with, this attack is very effective against NPCs. The most effective way to use this weapon against enemy players is using it one handed. The reason being that the one handed heavy attack has a wide arc and good range for a great hammer, making it a very threatening guardbreaker. Use the hammer sprint attack (which is the same as the heavy attack) and follow up with the heavy attack to use this swing twice. If you haven't broken your opponents guard by then (or just outright killed them) one more hit will do it, leaving them open for a deadly critical hit. Otherwise, the standard swings from this weapon are typically short ranged, and slow, though they can be manually aimed while locked on, which you can use to your advantage. If you learn to use this weapon correctly, your opponents are in for a rude awakening.

Thrusting weapons are useful if you take advantage of their speed and/or range. For this build, I use a partisan because of it's slashing ability, should the sudden need for it arise. However, you can use just about any spear. Pate's spear is a great choice as well. Use these weapons defensively to contrast the offensive style of the sword or hammer. Wait for an opponent to get in range and give them a nice poke or 2, then back off. Also remember that spears and lances can attack WHILE blocking. This can be incredibly useful/ Switch between your thrusting weapon and light weapon to throw your opponent off and catch them by surprise.

Ranged weapons are used seldom in pvp with this build, but are very useful against NPCs. The hunters blackbow is a great bow, as it has an S parameter for dexterity. There, are more powerful bows, such as the dragonrider bow, but the blackbow has longer range, and can loose 4 arrows from full stamina and quite quickly at that. In pvp, bows are useful against shieldless opponents. Loose an arrow or 2 to get your opponent rolling. Once they think they can safely dodge every arrow, change up the time you loose your arrows, waiting for them to finish a dodge before firing. You may also use a bow after baiting a caster into using an AOE spell. Casting AOE spells typically leaves the caster with his pants down for a few moments. Take this oppurtunity to put an arrow in their butt. If you a high risk high reward player, aim in and go for a headshot. This will completely stagger them. You should have 2 types of ammo equipped for pvp. Lightning arrows should be used against sorcerers, and magic arrows against saints. Poison arrows are also a great option, but are valuable, so I wouldn't recommend them.

These are particularly useful against nimble, light armored characters. Simply swing at them once or twice. They will most likely dodge and try for a counter attack. A parry will be the last thing they expect. Parry and go for that wicked awesome critical hit.

This is a very important, and my personal favorite piece of equipment. If you're like me, you've been ravaged time and time again by sorceries, pyromancies, miracles and hexes. Don't feel bad. Magic in DS is incredibly powerful, and even gets paired with the pure magic damage, A intelligence parameter, no strength or dex requirement greatsword, The Moonlight. Along with AOE capability, weapon augmentation, homing spells, and incredibly powerful and hard to dodge 1-2 shot kill projectiles (if you can't tell yet, I think magic needs some re-balancing) magic can be very difficult to deal with for warriors like myself. The Rebel's Greatshield can change that. This shield blocks 90% of all elemental and magic damage (93% fully upgraded) and has 70 stability, making it an incredibly effective magic denial tool. If you manage your stamina correctly (try two handing the shield when blocking spells) then you can exhaust a casters most powerful spells while receiving little damage, leaving them quaking in their loafers and usually sending them into a panic. Use your sword as to not exhaust too much stamina when attacking. Your sword is also much harder to dodge and can effectively stun-lock unarmored opponents.

That's about all there is to it. Have fun intimidating your opponents with this arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

I'll be happy to answer any questions or have any discussions.


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