Havel the Sinner


Havel returns in a new Hybrid build. Not as scrubby as Flipping Havel or The Legend.


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 200
Vigor 50
Endurance 12
Vitality 50
Attunement 6
Strength 50
Dexterity 10
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 6
Faith 6


Greatsword with Magic, Lightning, Fire or Dark infusion, Havels Greatshield


Penal Mask, Havels Armor, Havels Gauntlets, Havels Leggings. Rings: Second/Third Dragon Ring, Royal Soldiers Ring +2, Cloranthy Ring +2, Ring of Blades +2.




Tank with the shield, use the One-handed roll attack to surprise enemys, two-handed roll attack for some serious reach.


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