Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight and Cinder


You make your choice, Sunlight or Cinder? Will you harness the power of lightning through faith or will you use the power of the First Flame and pyro acc to devastate your opponents. Adjust your faith stat as you see fit.


Starting Class Cleric
Level 130
Vigor 30
Endurance 30
Vitality 20
Attunement 20
Strength 32
Dexterity 18
Adaptability 4
Intelligence 4
Faith 25


Greatsword, Pyromancy Hand, Chime of your choice


Bone King's Crown +5, Vengarl's Armour +5, Vengarl's Gloves +5, Bone King Skirt +5


Your choice of either miracles or pyromancies. If miracles, I do recommend Lightning Spear, Great Lightning Spear or Sunlight Spear. For Pyromancy, try Flame Swath and any others you find useful.


No Shield! You must fight with your Greatsword in one hand, and your choice of either miracles or pyromancy.


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