Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight


so I wanted to roleplay as Gwyn in dks2 and show them who's the real god, turned out super OP. I one shot most PvP enemies and I killed the throne guys & Nashandra within 2 minutes and without getting hit once


Starting Class Cleric
Level 160
Vigor 26
Endurance 15
Vitality 30
Attunement 32
Strength 40
Dexterity 12
Adaptability 4
Intelligence 4
Faith 50


The Greatsword, an awesome ultra greatsword that recieves an A scaling in STR at +10, and any 100% block shield (I prefer the royal kite shield due to weight) and the Dragon Chime +5


King's Set for roleplaying, untill then the Faraam set/ Archdrake armour combined with anything to get you under 70% equipment load.

Ring of Prayer
Sun Seal
Clear Bluestone Ring (+1)
Third Dragon Ring/Southern Ritual Band/Ring of your choiche.


Sunlight Spear, Great Lightning Spear (2x), Lightning Spear, Sunlight Blade.


the 32 attunement is very important to get the most out of your spells, you get 4 Sunlight Spears, 10 GLS and 13 LS. if you want your build to be a lower level, take some points out of Vigor, Vitality or Strength (less Greatsword Damage). untill the build is complete I suggest using the Priest's Chime and armour of to your liking. for extra roleplaying make your character have long grey hair and a beard.

this build works for PvE as well as PvP. I'm in NG+ and still wrecking most bosses. when I use an unexpected Sunlight Spear most players in PvP die instantly, doing around 1500 damage. the sunlight blade adds some reach and damage to your greatsword and once you master its moveset no one will stand a change. make sure to save your sunlight spears for bosses since most of them go down before you even cast the 4th, if not finish them off with a great lightning spear. the king's set is soley for RP purposes but still has some decent defense. the ring of prayer is so you don't have to incense your amazing Sunlight Spear and also benefiting a bunch of the S Scaling from the Dragon Chime. I recommend imfusing all your Chimes with lightning since you're not using Dark magic. I don't like to infuse the Greatsword with lightning since it doesn't stand a change against the normal Greatsword's base DMG and scaling. if you're gonna stop your strength at 28 this might be a good idea though. also the 12 dex is only to wear the king's set, so untill then keep it at 10 and once you aquire the king's set use a Soul Vessel or just level up.

Happy Sunlight Spearin' to all and don't forget to Praise the Sun \[T]/

Written by: xSTW


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