The "glasstank"/light tank build is one I've been using for a long time, and it's designed to balance agility and stability. It's good for new players since they can use the greatshield as a crutch while they learn how to dodge properly, and it's good for co-op covenants like the Heirs of the Sun because way too many bosses are weak to Strike damage.

This is my first build posted here so I'll likely edit it a few times.


Starting Class Knight
Level 120
Vigor 15
Endurance 30
Vitality 30
Attunement 4
Strength 45
Dexterity 10
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 3
Faith 6


Right Hand: A Greatsword, a Large Club, and as many Clubs as you can level to +10. A Broadsword or a Mastodon Greatsword is alright too if you want to take advantage of their movesets.

Left Hand: Havel's Greatshield +5


Any light armor is good. One of my favorite things about this build is that it does not rely on armor, so you can go whole Fashion Souls with it if you want. My personal favorite loadout is:

  • Robes of Judgment
  • Manchettes of Judgment
  • Raime's Leggings
  • Catarina Helm, Looking Glass Helm, or Drakeblood Helm

The Judgment Set goes really well with a lot of helmets, honestly. Catarina's my favorite but the Greatsword likes to clip through it.

Rings, in order of importance:

  • Royal Soldier's Ring
  • Cloranthy Ring
  • Bracing Knuckle Ring
  • Third Dragon Ring

The Bracing Knuckle is probably the best one to switch out if you want to use a multiplayer ring (Name-engraved, Bell Keeper, etc.), or if you need to open one of the King's Gates. If you're hollowed to hell, switch out Third Dragon for the Ring of Binding.



  • This build relies exclusively on NOT GETTING HIT, EVER. Dodge everything you can, and block everything else.
  • The stats above can be achieved with only SL 120 (I think). Since the agreed-upon cap is SL 150, you have 30 extra points to divvy up wherever you want. Want more weapon choices? Raise Dexterity. Want to be a better tank? Raise Endurance. Total pussy? Raise Vigor. Do whatever, really.
  • Manage your item box frequently, and keep the weapons you have on hand low. This way, you can equip weapons through the menu and won't have to equip more than one at a time. This will save on needed equip load.
  • It's possible to PvP with this, but you have to be smart. STR weapons are pretty slow, and you have pretty much no poise, so your only opportunities to attack are when your opponent is out of stamina. Use the Greatsword to bait rolls, or take the club to their shield. Most regular tanks don't expect to run out of stamina while blocking, so you can probably take them by surprise with a good club.
  • Surprisingly, clubs have pretty awful durability. Make sure to have more than one. This game deals out Titanite Slabs like they're going out of style, and you can always use the Bell Keepers to earn chunks.


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