Giant Slayer


Use of lance allows high damage output on a single target. Good of taking out Giants.


Starting Class Explorer
Level 128
Vigor 20
Endurance 40
Vitality 30
Attunement 7
Strength 22
Dexterity 27
Adaptability 25
Intelligence 5
Faith 5


R1: Lightning Grand Lance +10
L1: Defender's Shield (not required)


Head: any
Torso: Throne Watcher's Armor
Hands: Watcher's Gloves
Pants: Watcher's Boots

Ring 1: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 2: Chloranthy Ring
Ring 3: Ring of Binding
Ring 4: Bracing Knuckle Ring (Recommended)


Anything BUT sorcery. If you use sorcery, you're worthless.


Due to the nature of the lance's strong attacks, the lance's durability depletes rather fast. Bracing Knuckle ring recommended but not required.

The Grand Lance is a very powerful weapon for most situations. With a little practice, it can be adapted for multiple opponents.

The shield is not required, because in some situations (Smelter Demon) it can be simply dead weight. With experience one will not even need a shield at all. Shield is mostly a last resort.

The Lightning on the lance is not written in stone. You should adapt its effect to address the current situation.

This build specializes in melee, but is also suited to use a bow. The high Vitality allows one to equip almost the full Watcher's suit and the lance (10 units) and still be under 50% load. With low Vigor, it is advisable to avoid attacks, but with the high Adaptability and Agility at 100, dodging attacks should not be hard.

Tested in PvE (Was offline, so could not fight real life opponents) but if you want speed and power, this build will not disappoint.

Be advised: Low curse resistance. Still beat Nashandra, so it doesn't matter.
This build is only suitable for endgame.


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