Full random build 1


Just didnt want to decide which weapon i used, so i started doing full random builds (4 random weapons, including shields and spell tools) and one random armor piece for each body part.
i really like what came out of this one, but decide for yourself


Starting Class Knight
Level 176
Vigor 50
Endurance 40
Vitality 32
Attunement 13
Strength 32
Dexterity 12
Adaptability 25
Intelligence 15
Faith 10


Old knight hammer (i use raw, but you can use any other enchantment you want)
llewyn shield (i actually felt a bit bad when i got this one as it makes parrying sometimes too easy)
battle axe


travel merchant hat
kings armor
hollow infantry gloves
heide leggings


warmth (just in case you run across chuggers, gankers or a fightclub)


old knight zhammer is a really good heavy weapon if you know how to use it. try to bait your enemy into running into a second attack, or if he is predictable try parrying.
if he is a caster or some other kind of distance fighter or just pretty good at dodging and spamming it change to the battle axe, it should be far easier to hit him and he probably wont attack that much anyway if he is dodging too much, so you dont need to worry about not poisebreaking him.


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