Fast Pyro PvP Build


Nothing in the build is extraordinary, still, it's a very useful complectation for 80% cases of PvP due to its high cast speed and many face-to-face pyromancies.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 277
Vigor 40 (u can use 30, or even minimal amount if u r too confident in yourself. Statistics say that 30% of my fights in this build I didn't get any damage)
Endurance 20 (that's quite enough - u really don't need more)
Vitality 8 (u shall use rags, so it can be even less. I recommend 8 to boost your stamina regen speed)
Attunement 99 (we build up cast speed - a must have)
Strength 3 (u only need str and dex to wield bandit's knife)
Dexterity 11 (u only need str and dex to wield bandit's knife)
Adaptability 8 (can be less, none of importance)
Intelligence 73 (int and fth must be raised up to 99 to further improve cast speed)
Faith 72 (int and fth must be raised up to 99 to further improve cast speed)


R1 - Bandit Knife +10 with a buff of your preference, or without any (see Strategy)
L1 - Pyro Flame +10 (you may have guessed :))

That is ALL we will be using so the caster isn't encumbered.



1. Black Hood +5 - 11% more cast speed, +2 FTH and INT - A must have
2. Lion Mage Robe +10 - rags, but +5% cast speed
3. Lion Mage Cuffs +10 - rags, but +5% cast speed
4. Lion Mage Skirt +10 - rags, but +5% cast speed


1.Chloranthy Ring +2 - u NEED that stamina regen in addition to your underencumbrance.
2. Clear Bluestone Ring +2 - cast speed +55%
3. Southern Ritual Band +10 - expands your arsenal by 3 slots - if you want
4. A PvP ring of your choice - I use the Ring Of Thorns +1 since the 300-500 damage of the counterattacks :)


1. Fireball - simple, provocative, warm.
2. Great Chaos Fireball - a much stronger version of his little bro, needed to punish buffs or for laggy players.
3. Great Combustion - a must have for those close-combat guys everywhere. With given cast speed it works just great.
4. Fire Whip - the same reason + it's really hard to dodge it. Does heaps of damage if done right in der face.
5. Fire Snake - cool dlc pyromancy that damages and knock down. Must be used from a distance since if your opponent has skill he could backstab you, and it is also harder to dodge that way.
6. Forbidden Sun - a bit smaller damage than The Great Chaos Fireball, but FAST! Used to punish mages, archers, missed spear guys etc. 50% gets to target.
7. Chaos Storm (or Outcry) - DO NOT USE IT despite the backstab situation. You backstab and then FATALITY with this. When the opponent gets up he can rarely avoid being killed with this spell (95% of successes).
8. Warmth - for fight clubs.


Main strategy is to be cautious. Provoke and let make mistakes. Little ADP requires skill in rolling, but a very fast stamina regen compensates. You won't have any problems until the opponent is overbuffed. Still, with 600 fire resist you still shall do a tremendous amount of damage. If the opponent has 600 fire def (see wiki) AND used Flash Sweat (so he gets 900) - try to backstab and wait 'till it wears off. Use Chaos Storm Fatalities.

The build hones your skills as a pyromancer and a dodger. It's an agressive one - don't get soft and you will win. Have fun!


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