Everlasting Dragon


This build is highly adaptable late game, and it's purpose is to allow for a fun play-style.


Starting Class Deprived
Level 150
Vigor 24
Endurance 22
Vitality 22
Attunement 22
Strength 25
Dexterity 22
Adaptability 22
Intelligence 22
Faith 22


Mundane Black Dragon Sword +5
Mundane Black Dragon Greatsword +5

Beyond those, which the stats are built for, use anything you like. This build is about being light on your feet, so make sure to use the Third Dragon Ring or Royal Soldier Ring to offset any heavy weapons.


Dragon Head Stone, Dragon Torso Stone, Amber Herb, Lifegem, Third Dragon Ring, Bracing Knuckle Ring +2


Any Pyromancy, buffs, fast-moving spells for opponents who run away


Make use of your speed, don't focus too much on the numbers, and know your enemy. By using the Black Dragon Sword, just like a Broadsword, you have low recovery and can roll away easily. With balanced stats, you can use any kind of basic magic, but Pyromancy is recommended because of the lack of base requirements. I personally like to use Flame Weapon if my opponent gives me time to in PvP, and in PvE this build works perfectly to fight any boss, even the Ancient Dragon (with the use of Flash Sweat and the speed). All in all, this devout follower of the Path of the Dragon can level any playing field, duel with honor, and travel Drangleic with ease.

As an added note, of course, this Mundane build can continue forever. Keep your stats balanced as you move to NG+ and above, and your weapons will always grow with you.


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