Drangleic greatest sorcerer


Hard Build , but at the same time an amizing one.


Starting Class Deprived
Level 245
Vigor 35
Endurance 35
Vitality 40
Attunement 32
Strength 30
Dexterity 50
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 50
Faith 6


RH1: Curved Dragon Greatsword.
RH2: Hunter's black bow (infuse to magic optional).
RH3: Pyromancy Flame.
LH1: Drakekeeper's Shield.
LH2: Staff of Wisdom.
Lh3: Buckler.


Drangleic Helm.
Drangelic Mail.
Drangleic Guantlets.
Drangleic Leggins.
Ring of Blades +2.
Chloranthy Ring +2
Third Dragon ring.
Southern Ritaul Band +2


Crystal Weapon.
Crystal Homming Soulmass.
Soul Spear.
Crystal Soul Spear.


You can change the crystal weapon for the great magic weapon because of the uses it has.


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