Dragonslayer Yorgh


Spearman, Lots of Damage, Miracles.


Starting Class Knight
Level 150
Vigor 27
Endurance 27
Vitality 27
Attunement 20
Strength 30
Dexterity 30
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 3
Faith 30


Right Hand: Lightning Yorgh's Spear + 5
(Backup Spear)Dragonslayer Spear +5
Lightning Cleric's Sacred Chime + 10
Left Hand: (Greatshield) : Fire Tower Shield + 10
(Normal Shield, i usually just go with this one) Lightning Defender's Shield + 5


Armor: Drakeblood Set ( you can also remove the drakeblood mail and wear the king's armor chestplate) + 10 (king's chestplate is +5)
Velstadt's Set Maxed
Faraam Set + 10
Lighter armor choice: Alva Set/Dark Set.

Rings: Lightning Clutch Ring
Royal Soldier's Ring
Third Dragon Ring
(for RP): Yorgh's Ring
(if you dont care about RP): Chloranthy Ring


Lighting Spear
Wrath of The God's
Great Magic Barrier
Heavenly Thunder


There is not much to say, You can use spice to lower the faith requirements if you want to use another miracle out of reach. Attack once or twice with the spear and then roll back because you do not have a big window to attack them with large weapons. I like this build because its strong and gives the player alot of different way's to approach each situation. It can tank a few hits and the RP factor is also nice in my opinion,

Thank you for reading.



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