Divine Gladiator Queen


A moderately high-level female build viable for both PVE and PVP. Mainly made for dodging instead of parrying.

The fallen queen, formerly of Lanafir, has endured much to stand triumphant at the top after being reduced to a gladiator. She uses her Dragonslayer Spear with medium to high damage without a shield, but with a catalyst, a Dragon Chime, for her powerful miracles, as well as a Darkdrift for more heavily armored opponents. She uses light armor, therefore lacking heavy defences, hence why she uses her dexterous advantages to dodge her opponents' attacks.

Mainly a dexterity build with emphasis on endurance, vitality, attunement and faith.

A small requirement is five 'Skeptic's Spice' for reducing the requirement of the Sunlight Spear to fifty (from fifty-five) (and thirty 'Sunlight Medals' if you haven't unlocked the spell yet).


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 300
Vigor 40
Endurance 50
Vitality 50
Attunement 50
Strength 30
Dexterity 50
Adaptability 30 (35 with Simpleton's Ring)
Intelligence 7 (10 with King's Crown)
Faith 46 (50 with King's Crown + Agdayne's Cuffs)


• Dragonslayer Spear +5

• Lightning Dragon Chime +5
• Darkdrift +10


• King's Crown +5
• Retainer Robe +10 (DLC 3)
• Agdayne's Cuffs +5
• Agdayne's Kilt +5

• Bracing Knuckle Ring +2
• Third Dragon Ring
• Ring of Blades +2
• Simpleton's Ring


• Great Lightning Spear x4
• Sunlight Spear x1
• Great Heal x2

(x stands for amount of scrolls, not castings)


• Use dual-wielding stance only when in need of high damage. Be aware that by doing so, you may sacrifice your ability to dodge in a timely fashion.

• If you are in need of higher damage, try to use the Dragonslayer Spear's special attack and physically hit them at the same time. This should boost your damage to about 800+ damage, depending on your opponent's armor.

• Try not to overuse the Dragonslayer Spear's special attack, as it reduces, though in lesser fashion (due to the Bracing Knuckle Ring), the durability of the item.

• Stay near spellcasters, as a lacking shield may result in large HP loss. However, be wary of pyromancers, as their spells specialize in CQC. In their case, stay further away and use your own long-ranged attacks.

• Don't focus on magic too much, or you will be hit during the loading time of your cast.

• When facing tanks, switch to the Darkdrift to bypass their heavy defences by using the strong attack (L2 / LT).

• If you're interested in roleplaying, use only the following gestures:
- Point (use like Decapitate at the beginning of a match or before a boss fight. It looks more graceful than its counterpart, but still shows a bit of arrogance)
- Welcome (use after winning a fast game or against noobs)
- Warcry (Use after winning against more honorable opponents)
- No Way (Use after winning against annoying or underhanded enemies)
(- Do not use any type of bowing, as a queen, former or not, would never bow to anyone.)


• Agdayne's set and the Darkdrift can be acquired after defeating Velstadt and acquiring the 'King's Ring' by talking to Agdayne. The King's Crown can be found in the Shrine of Amana after defeating Vendrick by crossing the bridge in the second area. The Retainer's Robe can be acquired by farming the Retainers in Eleum Loyce (DLC3).

• If you haven't unlocked the Sunlight Spear, and are at a loss for Sunlight Medals, you can farm the medals offline at the very beginning at Thing's Betwixt by farming the Falconer's at NG+ or higher (You need to be a sun bro to acquire them, so join the covenant beforehand).

• You can find the Great Lightning Spear in multiple locations, one of them being in Straid's hands for 13000 souls after defeating Velstadt in the Undead Crypt. You can find another in the pit in Majula behind a door which can be opened with the Forgotten Key found in the Black Gulch by defeating the Giants located in a secret tunnel. The last one can be found in the Leydia Pyromancer pit in the Undead Crypt behind an illusory wall, becoming visible after activating a Pharros' Lockstone. The illusory wall containing the lock is the one left of the tunnel leading outward when facing inward. The spell can be found in a chest behind an illusory wall opposite of the lock on the other side of the pit.

• Great Heal can be bought in an infinite amount from Cromwell the Pardoner for 8,000 souls and can also be found once on the bridge prior to reaching 'The Gutter'.

• The Dragonslayer Spear can be acquired by defeating the Old Dragonslayer and trading his soul with Ornifex for 1500 souls.

• The Dragon Chime will be given to you by Darkdiver Grandahl by reaching rank 3 in the Dark Bro's covenant, or by murdering him.


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