Dirty Pyromancer


Can be used for PvE and some PvP


Starting Class Deprived
Level 156
Vigor 50
Endurance 20
Vitality 10
Attunement 50
Strength 11
Dexterity 6
Adaptability 6
Intelligence 28
Faith 28


RH1: Dark Pyromancy Flame+10
RH2: Fire Broadsword+10

LH1: Transgressor's Leather shield or Small Leather Shield (Preferably Transgressor's)


Head: Black Hood (Faster spell Casting and +2 Faith and Intelligence)
Body: Any
Arms:Lion Mage Cuffs+10 (high all round defense, low weight and boosts spell cast)
Legs: Any

Rings: Ring of Binding (A must have)
Clear Bluestone Ring+2 (faster spell casting)
Chloranthy Ring+2 (Regenerate stamina faster)
Southern Ritual Band+2 (more spell slots)


Spells: Any Pyromancies except Iron Flesh and Immolation


The Black Hood increases spell casting speed and gives 2 Faith and Intelligence to raise both to 30. When at 30 each, they add up to 60 which is the soft cap for Fire Bonus. Any combination of Intelligence and Faith that adds up to 60 is ideal for maximum pyromancy and weapon damage. But it is recommended to have 30/30 so you have even Magic/Lightning/Dark defense. Keeping this in mind about any combination that adds up to 60, you have leniency in regards to which spells you choose; magic and pyro, faith and pyro, hex and pyro or just pure pyro.

You are not required to have the broadsword, you may choose any weapon you desire. I would recommend any weapon with not too high requirements, a weapon already dealing fire damage or even your favourite weapon (mine is the scythe) but I would highly suggest staying away from the larger chose of weapons (eg ultra greatswords, greathammers). This also goes for the shield too. The transgressor's Leather Shield is one of the best shields along with the Llewellyn shield, Large Leather Shield and Royal Kite Shield. For whatever weapons and shields you have chosen, adjust Strength and Dexterity accordingly. You can also use a bow if you wish; just fire infuse and make sure you meet the requirements to use it.

The reason I have chosen the Dark Pyromancy Flame is because (with the Ring of Binging) it is only a reduction of 20% health for a massive damage increase. I have checked both Pyromancy Flames and the Dark Pyromancy Flame is superior. It has a higher base damage, higher fire scaling and in my opinion is easier and quicker to get from the start of the game with just a health reduction as a negative.

To get the Dark Pyromancy Flame from the start of the game, once in Majula run on over to Heide's Tower of Flame. Let the Dragonrider fall to his death. Return to Majula, use Dragonrider Soul and buy the Silvercat Ring. Equip and drop down into the pit. Run to the gutters. When you reach the first bonfire, cross bridge and fall through hole. Break pots and jump over to the diagonal platform. Once there, cross the next small bridge and turn right straight away. Continue running forward until you drop to a platform below. To your right there should be pots, break them and pick up Dark Pyromancy Flame. Don't return to Bonfire just yet. Continue to Black Gulch. When you drop down from the Acid pots, there is a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Continue to next Bonfire. Note: there is a fire seed in the boss fight area. Use Fragrant Branch of Yore on Rosabeth for Pyromancies.


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