DEX build to rule




Starting Class Swordsman
Level N/A
Vigor 69
Endurance 50
Vitality 50
Attunement 16
Strength 20
Dexterity 99
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 30
Faith 30


Key to the Embedded
Mirrah Greatsword +10
Espada Ropera +10
Spider's Silk +5
Lightning Rapier +10
Poison Ricard's Rapier +10
Iace Rapier +5
Chaos Rapier +5
Royal Dirk +5
Poison Dagger +10
Hunter's Blackbow +10 OR Composite Bow +10 in which case use Hawk Ring
Pyromancy Flame +10 OR Dark Pyromancy Flame +10
Royal Kite Shield +10


Drakeblood Helm +10
Drakeblood Armour +10
Engraved Gauntlets +5
Drakeblood Leggings +10

King's Ring
Silvercat Ring
Ring of Whispers

Third Dragon Ring
Ring of Giants +2
Ring of Blades +2
Ring of Steel Protection +2
Chloranthy Ring +2
Old Leo Ring
Royal Soldier's Ring +2
Stone Ring
Simpleton's Ring
Life Ring +3


Flame Swathe
Poison OR Toxic Mist
Flame Weapon


Have everything so you have options. You could also use Heide Knight Set or Havel's Set.


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