Decked out Faith Build


Wreck the galls


Starting Class Cleric
Level All you need to know is that it's in the 400s but u can do it at 150!
Vigor 60
Endurance 60
Vitality 40
Attunement 99
Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Adaptability 60
Intelligence 4
Faith 97


RH1: Lightning Defender Greatsword +5
RH2: Lightning Grand Lance +10
RH3: Lightning Bow of Want +5 (999 Iron and 999 Lightning Arrows)
LH1: King's Shield +5
LH2: Lightning Dragon Chime +5


Insolent Helm +10
Insolent Armour +10
Insolent Gloves +10
Faraam Boots +10
Chloranthy Ring +2
Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Ring of Steel Protection +2
Third Dragon Ring


Sacred Oath
Sunlight Spear
Sunlight Blade
Great Heal
Great Lightning Spear
Wrath of the Gods


Wreck the halls with bolts of lightning. You know you want to.


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