Maximum critical damage


Stay low weight for good rolls, decent AGL, amazing crits. Parry using target shield (easier PVE) or Parrying Dagger for insta-kill ripostes. Pretty much the maximum damage for the shadow dagger, which already has amazing critical damage. Engraved gauntlets to boost normal damage on occasion.


Starting Class Deprived
Level 150
Vigor 27
Endurance 22
Vitality 22
Attunement 22
Strength 22
Dexterity 22
Adaptability 22
Intelligence 22
Faith 22


RH1: Mundane Shadow Dagger +10
LH1: Target Shield +10 / Parrying Dagger +10
LH2: Black Witch's staff +10


Black Witch's Hat +5
Any Chest (preferably light)
Engraved gauntlets +5
Any Legs (preferably light)

Recommended rings:
Third Dragon Ring
Ring of Blades +2

Optional rings:
Old Sun ring
Ring of Thorns +2


Dark Weapon
Sacred Oath



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