Dat Mage Tho


Have everything so you have optionss


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level Doesn't matter
Vigor 60
Endurance 40
Vitality 50
Attunement 99
Strength 27
Dexterity 27
Adaptability 30
Intelligence 99
Faith 10


Enchanted Moonlight Greatsword +5
Magic Moonlight Greatsword +5
Enchanted Pickaxe +10
Royal Kite shield +10
Magic Sorcerer's Twinblade +5
Parrying Dagger/Buckler
(Dark if you want) Pyromancy Flame +10
2 x Magic Blue Flame +5
Dagger +10/Royal Dirk +5
Magic Dragonrider Bow +5
Magic Staff of Wisdom +5


Drakeblood Helm +10 but only for bosses because #fashionsouls
Drakeblood Armour +10
Engraved Gauntlets +5
Drakeblood Leggings +10
999 iron and Magic arrows

Silvercat Ring
Ring of Whispers
King's Ring

Chloranthy Ring +2
Ring of Blades +2
Ring of Giants +2
Stone Ring
Simpleton's Ring
Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Southern Ritual Band +2
Third Dragon Ring
Life Ring +3
Royal Soldier's Ring +2
Attribute defence rings so Quartz rings
Hawk Ring


1) Crystal Magic Weapon
2) Flame Weapon
3) Flame Swathe
4) Crystal Soul Spear
5) Homing Crystal Soulmass
6) Strong Magic Shield
7) Great Heavy Soul Arrow
8) Heavy Homing Soul Arrow
9) Repair
10) Soul Greatsword
11) Soul Vortex
12) Soul Geyser
13) Unleash Magic


You can swap Drakebloods for Heide stuff which looks better with the great helm than the iron mask. You will need DLCs for armour and a lot of upgrade stones. Upgrade with McDuff as he will eventually give you a titanite slab. Dual-wield/power stance the Greatswords or the Blue Flames or just be a boss and use the pick and shield. Now get going!


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