Dark Souls vs. Predator


Just a fun PVE build I made based on Predator. Offers a melee challenge since you'll need to dodge most of the time, but hits fast and relies mostly on poison or bleed. A downside is it's kinda hard to farm unless you're devoted to getting the armor set. High Dex is to help with the Bleed or Poison, and I gave some points to adaptability for AGI.


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 150
Vigor 32
Endurance 30
Vitality 25
Attunement 10
Strength 30
Dexterity 40
Adaptability 21
Intelligence 10
Faith 5


The weapons I have set up are the poison Twinblade, and a couple of bleed infused Claws to increase the bleeding chance. You can also infuse the claws with poison since it increases both physical and bleed damage for them.

If you have the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, then I recommend the Sorcerer's Twinblade if you want to be able to cast Soul Arrow without having to switch equipment.


The armor set needed for the theme is the Mad Warrior set and is very annoying to farm, but looks incredibly cool and matches the theme for the build. Pretty good defense as well but you'll need to save 36 Twinkling Titanites if you wanna max it out.


Soul Arrow, since you know, plasma cannon haha. But seriously, it's nice to have at least one spell handy.


I recommend equipment with a lot of increased item drop rates when farming for the mad warrior set. Having the Aged Feather also helps with the farming. The Bracing Knuckle Ring is most recommended since weapons like Twinblades and Claws lose durability really fast. Chloranthy and Third Dragon Ring are good choices. I usually use Crest of Blood or the Rat for increased chances of bleed or poison, but you can choose whatever you want.


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