Dark Magic King


Based of the armor of King Vendrick, this build is versatile in nearly all situations, and it has a fairly cool esthetic appearance with good defensive capabilities.


Starting Class Knight
Level 239
Vigor 28
Endurance 13
Vitality 26
Attunement 43
Strength 30
Dexterity 29
Adaptability 9
Intelligence 56
Faith 65


Lightning Dragon Chime +5, because who doesn't love extra lightning damage?
Magic Staff of Wisdom +5, sorcery usage only
Fire Blacksteel Katana +10, gotta have a katana…DUH


Dark Mask
King's Armor
King's Gauntlets
King's Leggings
Rebel's Greatshield +5
Third Dragon Ring
Southern Ritual Band
Sun Seal
Clear Bluestone Ring


Homing crystal soulmass, to cover your own mass (drop the m)
Soul spear, because who doesn't like sniping people with a spear made from pure souls?
Great Lightning Spear, LIGHTNING!!!!
Sunlight Spear, MORE LIGHTNING!!!!!
Chameleon, who doesn't like to troll an invader every once in a while?
Soul Greatsword, in case the katana fails
Soul Bolt, use right when Homing Crystal Soulmass hits, can barely be dodged if enemy is stunned from HCSM


Start off like this in PvP:

Get within distance so it starts flying towards enemy, as soon as it casts, launch Sunlight Spear for mega damage. I one hit somebody with over 1500 damage with this.
Also, cast chameleon, hide in a spot to fool enemy, cast sunlight spear when enemy back is turned. I did this method a lot in arena battles, and I won quite a bit of them with this method. This build still does fair damage on someone using magic barrier.


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