Dark Paladin


I've literally created a monster. A Dark Knight who's focus is mainly melee and buffs. This build is max level so I'm mainly showing you the set-up of it which is awesome. FASHION SOULS


Starting Class Deprived
Level 838
Vigor 99
Endurance 99
Vitality 99
Attunement 99
Strength 99
Dexterity 99
Adaptability 99
Intelligence 99
Faith 99


RH1- Dark Ruler's Sword +5
RH2- Mundane Dagger +10
RH3- Mundane Avelyn (For healers)

LH1- Dark Drakekeeper's Greatshield +10, tanks most dark AND magic with high stability
LH2- Monestary Scimitar +10
LH3- Dark Chime of Want +5

Rings are:
Chloranthy +2, Dispelling Ring,
Steel Protection +2, Blades +2


Mad Warrior Helm +5
Defender Armor +5
Mad Warrior Gauntlets +5
Drakekeeper's Boots +10

This character looks freakin' sweet and is clearly uncapable of giving even the slightest f***


Resonant Weapon, Great Magic Barrier, Sacred Oath, Great Resonant Soul, Great Heal (For invasions or red signs)


The Dispelling Ring goes very well with Ring of Steel Protection +2, your physical defense and overall magic defense get a boost, then Chloranthy for stamina, and Blades can be replaced honestly. Buff Ruler's with RW then cast GMB then Sacred Oath and proceed to claim your opponent's virginity.


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